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Hey Mary, Mother of Grace

An L.A. nun got thrown in jail for stealing $835,000 from a California Catholic School. She used the money to take numerous trips to Las Vegas and gamble the money away. She argued that the priests were better paid than nuns and the nuns deserved a raise. She was only sentenced to 12 months and one day in jail.

Hey Mary, mother of fallen grace

Why did you take that money from that place? You stole some money like a dope And now you get no blessing from the pope Where did that money go and run They found it when they found nun During 10 years she stole lots and lots She put all that money into casino slots It was the school's money. how did she forget? When she went to Vegas and played Roulette Other sisters went with her to those traps She was playing Roulette while they were playing Craps To the poker table she did rush And that money is gone in a royal flush What did she say at her confession I'm not sure but I guess I can try guessing Father forgive me for I have sinned $800k at the casino I did not win Or maybe father forgive me I lost some cash I've been lately skipping out on mass Or finally father forgive me the money has been spent I will make up for it by eating fried fish at Lent If she eats fried fish for Lent after that loss I don't think she should be given tarter sauce Only a year in jail for her that's not too shabby But I don't think she'll be back at the Abbey

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