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Prayer For an Orange

In Argentina In 1950

A little orphan girl

Voiced a little prayer

In her own little world 

She prayed for an orange

God moved on a man

To bring a box that day

It was part of God's plan

The man felt compassion

For the orphan kids he liked

He set a box of oranges

On the back of his bike

The man who delivered them

He was not a believer

But God noticed faith 

In this child the receiver 

Such a small prayer 

To this girl it was important

So to God it was to

And He sent her an orange

What seems like little prayers

That will fly away and scatter

To God who hears us 

Our little prayers matter

God heard this request

Of the little orphan child 

It moved on His heart

It must have made Him smile 

If we will pursue God

And seek after His face

He hears even small prayers 

He is moved by our faith 

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