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The Chronicles of LaGuardia Part IV (The Horse and His Plane)

Updated: Feb 12

In November 2023, a flight headed to Belgium had to turn around after a horse was reported loose in the cargo hold.

This didn't happen at Laguardia per se

But it happened close enough over at JFK

Soon after takeoff the pilots made a radio call

This wild horse escaped from its stall

When the co pilot went back to check that day

All he saw that horse do was point and say "hey"

That wild horse was just too big to tackle

So the pilots had to gallop back to the Big Apple

A horse is a horse of course of course

And no one can tame a horse a horse

It got the 747 off the course the course

All because of the force of the horse the horse

The horse delayed what this plane had hauled 

You could say because of that horse this flight was stalled 

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