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The Man From Crete

There once was a man from Crete

Name was Peter but went by Pete

He tried hard to be discreet

When he went out to get a bite to eat

But as he walked down the street

Some street rioters he did meet

They didn't seem so sweet

He tried to avoid this meet and greet

He walked sideways and shuffled his feet

They stood in his way and blocked Ole Pete

The mob laughed as they turned up the heat

These rioters who are paid by the "Elite"

Looters who loot and aren't so neat

A little different than peaceful Crete

Tares of our nation among the wheat

They pushed him down to have a seat

There Pete got punched and beat

For no reason they gnashed their teeth

No consequences for beating Pete

No discipline from the "Elite"

Turning a blind eye on the street

Until Pete's beating was complete

No justice for innocent Pete

No sympathy for the man from Crete

We can share and post and tweet

But over and over the story repeats

We've lost protection on our streets

The innocent voice is obsolete

Only now racist cries of deceit

Raining down on us like sleet

Hide the true motives under a sheet

While Marxists yell for us to retreat

And if they continue to get paid by the elite

Justice will continue to take a back seat

And forgotten will be those like Pete

And sadly the story will again repeat

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