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Thoughts From Psalm 107

Psalm 107:6-"Then they cried out to the Lord In their trouble and He delivered them out of their distresses."

For those who wander in a desolate way

In the wilderness like some do today

Hungry and thirsty their souls faint

That desert road which is for every saint

Even in darkness and the shadow of death

He revives our spirits with His breath 

He brings us to that desired dwelling place

He will not forever hide His face 

He delivers us from all our distresses 

He rescues us from all our messes

He leads us forth by the right way 

He guides us into a new day 

He disciplines us when we turn aside 

But He still hears us when we've cried 

When we allow Him to take the reins

He comes to us and breaks us our chains

He answers even fools in their transgression

He responds to them in their confession

His wonderful works to the children of men

The humble thank Him again and again 

When the rough seas rage within

He commands and raises the stormy wind

The waves crash and their souls melt

At their wits end which they have felt 

Then they cried out in their trouble 

He responded to them in their struggle 

He calms the storm, the waves are still

He hears those who want to do His will

He turns the wilderness into pools 

Hearing the cry of even fools 

He turns the dry land into watersprings

A desired haven to them He brings 

Though He brings oppression and affliction

He looks down on our lowly condition

Desperate cries to Him won't be ignored

Because of the great love of the Lord 

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