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A Letter to the Persecuted Church of Iran

The Lord knows your works

He knows your good deeds

He sees your hard tests

He knows your great needs

He has heard your cries

He has heard your prayers

He has bore your burdens

He has felt your cares

In great hardship

The Lord's Word you trust

He will open up doors

That no man can shut

Oh persecuted 

When men mock and shame

You have not left Him

Nor denied His name

You have moved forward

And have gone great lengths

You have been faithful

Though with little strength

In the thick darkness

The Lord feels your pain

He will send to you 

End time latter rain

In the dry desert 

He will send forth streams 

Of divine visions 

Of heaven sent dreams 

And in your nation

God has not withdrawn

He holds out His hands

With love to Iran

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