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A Shorts Story

I remember an old employee who really wasn't the best 

Then one day that employee stepped on a hornets nest

Those angry hornets flew straight up his shorts

Those hornets explored there with full force 

And as those hornets made their advance 

That poor little guy learned how to dance

He danced up and down that quiet slow street 

He danced even though there was no beat

He didn't need a guitar or someone to play a piano 

To start singing out loud In high pitch soprano 

He was a slow worker before this sting operation 

But I learned all he needed was just some motivation 

He called me and said he got stung by a hundred bees

I said well get to the ER immediately please

Then he said well maybe not a hundred, maybe it was 20

I thought well you still need Benadryl that is still plenty 

I noticed as he walked that he waddled quite a bit

And right after this incident this poor guy quit

I had sympathy for him without a doubt 

But I want you to know I didn't pull those stingers out 

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