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A Sidewalk in Seattle

The year was 1980 

In Seattle, Washington 

A fall afternoon in October 

A normal mild and cloudy day

Up on Queen Anne Hill 

Across from Roger's Park

A short drive from the Space Needle

A homeowner went on a walk

37 years old and so much life left to live

He walked down the block

Around the block

And up the block

Up the hill actually

Thinking about his to do list 

Listening to the birds

Dreaming about his future 

Suddenly as he looked ahead 

He saw a man 

A man lying motionless 

Motionless on the sidewalk

The first thought in his head was "heart attack"

Quickly he ran to him 

Was he dead?

Was he alive?

Am I too late? 

He jumped down to the ground 

Checking his pulse 




Time was ticking 

He started CPR

Two breaths

Then chest compressions 

Again two breaths

Again chest compressions

As a small crowd gathered 

Suddenly a gasp

Suddenly a breath

Suddenly life came back into the man

Right place

Right time

Right time 

Right place

You could say a God moment

The man on the ground was Jimmy Thompson

From Geneva, Illinois 

He was in town visiting his family

That fateful day he walked to the mailbox 

Up that block

Up that hill

It was there he had the heart attack

The medics arrived and assisted Jimmy

But the man disappeared 

The man who saved Jimmy's life

Where was he? 

Why did he leave?

Was he an angel?

A week later 

Front page of the Queen Anne News

This man is "WANTED"

That man who vanished picked up the paper 

He read it and showed it to his wife

He humbly said "that's me"

The family wanted to say thank you

Thank you to the man

Who became an unknown hero

Hero for a moment

Hero for a day

That hero died a year ago 

A year ago March 9th

When I think of that day 

I think of that man

I want to be a hero 

Someday for someone


Right place 

Right time

Right time 

Right place

I wish I could talk to that man about that special day

Or just talk to him at all

That man was my dad

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