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A Trip to Uganda

I want to go to Uganda

You might think it's propaganda

Maybe I should go to Rwanda

For a big extravaganza

I do want to go to Uganda

But I won't drive there in a Honda

Maybe I will meet a Yolanda

Or even see a fish called Wanda

I definitely won't see Jane Fonda

She might be smoking marijuana

Or probably pushing propaganda

About saving a poor anaconda

Yeah I won't see Madonna

And I won't see Rihanna

They might be saving an iguana

Way down in Tijuana

Does anyone know in Uganda If they might have a Benihanas?

To go eat there I really wanna

One day I think I'm gonna

I could go to Guyana

I could go to Botswana

But not sure if I really wanna

At least I'm not going manana

One thing if I went to Uganda I don't mind spotting a tonga But if I sit out on the veranda I better not see a black mamba

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