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Candy Confusion

I've heard the colors of M&M's represent genders

And there's something about Skittles but I don't remember 

Trying to figure out all these genders is the worst 

And which gender is the lemon Starburst?

Let me vent and please don't feel threatened

But I really cannot stand the Starburst lemon

If lemon represents your gender look I'm sorry 

I'm from a different generation. I grew up playing Atari

If genders are represented by these M&M's

Does that mean Rolo's represent BLM?

Are you more like a left or right Twix?

Or are you more like Kit Kat sticks?

I'm sorry I'm just not that intellectual

But can you tell me which candy represents the bisexual?

I really don't care which candy they say is gay

But it feels like we have left the Milky Way

I'm going to ask this, it may sound dumb

But are China Spy balloons like Bubble Yum?

I think a gender list would be handy

Because now I am completely confused by candy

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