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Cesspool Psaki

(Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary)

I don't watch hockey

I try not to watch Psaki

But if given the choice

I would rather watch hockey

One thing about Ms. Psaki

She gets a little too cocky

As I watch her on my couch

I spit out my teriyaki

As I spit out my teriyaki

My stomach gets rocky

If Psaki were a car

She would be a jalopy

See Psaki gets sassy

She's not very classy

She can't handle questions

Her attitude is brassy

I would rather watch soccer

Or get locked in a locker

She thinks she's superior

She's gone off her rocker

Press Secretariat Psaki

With Biden as her jockey

Destroying our freedom

Makes life a little rocky

Circle Back Psaki

With her disgraced jockey

Around the final turn

Gallops Cesspool Psaki

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