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Chicks and Waffles

On 12/22/22 a brawl occurred at a Waffle House in Austin, TX. One of the workers has been labeled a "superhero" with how she deflected a chair thrown at her. 

A brawl at Waffle House, yeah that's nothing new

If you want to go out to breakfast learn jiu jitsu

I saw some chicks, I saw some waffles 

I saw some customers that were kind of awful

I get it Waffle House is not that good

But people still gotta act like they should 

"I just wanna eat my waffles" one guy said

Then a chair almost hit a lady in the head

A waitress did a Bruce Lee and deflected the chair

Then gave the villain an "in your face" stare

You have to use your plate or backpack as a shield 

Learn to use your fork as a weapon to yield

Look I know I know Waffle House is cheap

But realize over tables you may have to leap

Why does this always happen with waffles

We don't hear of these incidents with falafels

I say avoid Waffle House and their fake syrup

And go out for a croissant like they do in Europe 

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