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Dream Weaver

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

 A poem about a certain false teacher

There once was some wool fabric

And there once was a weaver

He pandered to victims 

In a distorted system

Had the ministry of a deceiver

Maybe he helped a select few

As a "Christian" celeb

Control is what mattered

As he spoke and flattered

He would weave his sticky web

He misrepresented God's name

As he pushed his own agenda 

He spoke his Christianease

And voiced his decrees

Really he was just a pretender

Dream weavers are in the church

You must watch out and beware

They pursue the vulnerable

And go after the gullible 

For the offended they lay a snare

Fabric woven by deception

They will continue to weave

But if you have no offence

You will have a defense

And you they won't be able to deceive

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