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Elder Brother Syndrome

Luke 15:11-32

To one mentality we can't succumb 

That is to the "Elder Brother Syndrome" 

As a believer we cannot possess 

A poor attitude of self righteousness 

Notice the sin of the elder brother 

He thought he was better than another 

Wanting another's blessings on a shelf 

Because he solely focused on himself 

Too confident in his morality 

Yet truly blinded from reality 

He said his father kept him from his friendsNow he viewed his life through a wounded lens 

The elder brothers will assume their stance 

Elder brothers will not attend the dance 

Seeing others struggle they will condemn 

When their unhappy life is all about them 

He rejected his father's explanation 

Clinging to his own interpretation 

Self righteousness makes one illogical 

Hardening one's heart to the prodigal 

In the church you'll still see a Pharisee 

Deluded by their own hypocrisy 

No self introspection they will allow 

An attitude of "holier than thou" 

The offended brother could only judge 

He remained outside with his bitter grudge 

His wrong reaction and rebuke were stern 

Thinking by the Spirit he did discern 

He lived a life of guessing at intents 

As he chose to make friends with his offence 


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