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Fit as a Bull Moose

A man of steel

Full of energy 




Fit as a bull moose

Roosevelt stood to give his speech

In Milwaukee 

On a mild mid-October day 

As he rose the crowd roared

He waved his hat in thanks

Just mere feet away

A gun was aimed directly at his heart


A 32 caliber bullet 

Penetrated his chest

Slowed by his eyeglass case 

And a manuscript

A 50 page manuscript 

Saving his life 

He suffered only a flesh wound

Those in the crowd began to strike the shooter

"Kill this man!"

"Kill him!"

The mob punished him with blow after blow

Yet Roosevelt bellowed out

"Stop! Don't hurt him!

Bring him here, I want to see him"

The shooter came forward

Roosevelt asked "Why did you do it?"

But the shooter never responded 

Roosevelt said, "Just hand him over to the police" 

Today with all the division

With all the discord

With all the hate

With all the strife

Maybe we can learn something 

From a man who refused vengeance on his enemy

Maybe we can learn something 

From that mild October day

After the shooting

Roosevelt delivered his speech 

For 84 long minutes

In courage

In determination

In fortitude

In tenacity

At the end he shouted

"It takes more than that to kill a bull moose"

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