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From Famine to Revival

In 1929,  Rwanda had just experienced a terrible famine. Dr. Joe Church and Simeoni Nsibambi got together and prayed for Rwanda. Church said, "There can be nothing to stop a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Rwanda now except our own lack of sanctification." Both men went back transformed. Immediately conversions began to take place as Christians began to confess their faults and resentments to one another. 

The most distinctive feature of the revival was it began in small group fellowships, homes and villages. It started at the grassroots level not in large churches. 

Preachers began to stress repentance of sins and Christ's work of salvation. This began the East African Revival. It soon spread to Uganda and Kenya. 

After famine God visited Rwanda

This tiny nation He would transform 

The fire spread to Kenya and Uganda

No longer were they tepid and lukewarm

God had breathed life into these dry bones

This move began at the grassroots level

It started in small groups and in homes

Taking territory from the devil

There was a significant repentance

People confessed faults and turned from sin

Only Jesus became their dependence

That is where this testimony begins

Many Africans were changed in that hour

As God had demonstrated His power 

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