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Game of Checkers

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Check check one two three Check check they disagree Checkers move across the board Pieces moving in one accord Checkers jumping in the fight Checkers choking posts of the right

Checkers checking in the dark Checkers checking leaving their mark Leaving their mark for leader Mark These fact checkers have lit a spark Checker chiefs anointed by Mark Chewing up our posts like a shark

Chugga chugga chugga choo choo The fact checking train is coming for you Game of checkers, game of beliefs Post inspectors, post stealing thiefs Facebook and Twitter, no common sense Censoring and constructing a liberal fence

Twitter twits terminate our tweets Twitter twits tossed liberal treats Trippin and flippin out in their blame Trippin and slippin in this checkers game Checkers in their biased acts Checkers who don't check their facts

Listen up! Facebook fact checkers You fact checkers are freedom wreckers Fact checking with a liberal twist Chubby Checker might say you missed But before you just assume you scored King me, I moved again across your board

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