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High Gas for Sam

Do you like high gas for Sam? I do not like it Sam I am I do not like this high gas scam

Would you like it here or there? I would not like it here or there I would not like high gas anywhere

Should we buy oil from Sudan? Should we buy oil from Iran? Should we buy it from Pakistan? I do not like that Sam I am Can't we get oil from our land?

Do I just stay in my house? Do I budget with my spouse? I will not stay in my house I will buy high gas with my spouse

Our leaders don't seem to care Our leaders sure do like to scare I do not like high gas anywhere I do not like high gas oh Sammy Sam I do not like it Sam I am

I saw high gas at Conoco I saw high gas at Sunoco I saw high gas at Amoco They blame it on Russia Don't you know?

High gas High gas Have a cow Blame it Blame it on Moscow Wait! Wait! Don't have a cow Before the war And before Moscow We paid over $3 Tell me how Explain it Explain it Explain it now

I will not look at my stocks I will not look at them on Fox About my stocks I will not have talks I will go and put them in a box I wish that we could turn back our clocks

Would you? Could you in my car? In a back alley behind a bar Meet them! Meet them! Here they are From a guy named Bruno with a scar And Johnny No Shoes with a cigar I trade them gas for my guitar Would you? Could you? It's bizarre I will put that gas in a Mason jar

Gas on the black market I do review When I meet some sellers behind the Zoo Two guys in shades and neck tatoos A guy named Poppy who stares at you And his negotiator Crazy Lou I guess you gotta do what you gotta do High gas I wish it wasn't true

You may not like high gas not free The Keystone Pipeline got closed you see Open Keystone can't we agree? Open Keystone is our plea But our leaders lie to you and me

Should I buy an electric car? Should I drive it near and far? Let me get money from my jar Over $50k is where they start Yeah I don't have that in my jar I will not drive an electric car I will not drive it near or far

Should we now take the city bus? Should we now start to make a fuss? Should I carpool with some guy named Gus? Is driving slower now a plus?

High gas is here for Sam I am High gas here sure is a scam And very soon for Sam I am Sam I am will be eating Spam I do not like Spam Sam I am And I do not like this high gas sham

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