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Hillary Dillary Dock

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Hillary Dillary Dock To the Parler app we did flock They blocked that one and thought we were done Hillary Dillary Dock

Liberty Liberty Knocks Social media they tried to block They silenced our view and judged all of you Liberty Liberty Knocks

Tickery Ticking me off The media continues to mock Their anger at thee because we want to be free Tickery Ticking me off

History History Talks Though they reject it and away they walk And never before we must shout it all the more History History Talks

Trickery Trickery Fox This station is headed towards the rocks In betrayal they dive. Will they survive? Trickery Trickery Fox

An elephant oh no, Hillary Dillary Dock The elephant's time is up on the clock Hillary Dillary Dock

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