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If Life Was a University

If life was a university 

What would people major in

In this school before eternity 

Where would mankind begin

Some would major in bitterness 

With a minor in offence

Stuck in a spiritual wilderness

Living at their own expense

Several would major in pride 

Taking a minor in lust 

They would be their own guide

In themselves they would trust 

Others would major in fear 

With a minor in unbelief

They would let the devil steer

Their future robbed by the thief

Some would major in anger

And take a minor in rage 

Allowing love to be a stranger 

They would turn mercy's page 

Some would major in self righteousness

Deceived by their own pride

In their haughty diocese

They would go run and hide

Some would major in greed

And minor in selfishness

Their flesh they would let lead

As wisdom becomes foolishness

Some would study unforgiveness

Consumed with resentment

Under the mask of being religious

Yet having no contentment

Some would pursue knowledge 

Others would go after wisdom

But several would waste their college

And forever play the victim 

If life was a university

In all the hardship and suffering

Through the pain and adversity 

Would we live overcoming

In school what would we retain

Though no one would applaud

Would we lose in order to gain

Would we live our life for God

Would we major in prayer 

And in seeking God's face 

Would we cast our every care 

Would we learn of His grace

What you major in matters

In this one chance to live 

When all around you scatters

You have just one life to give 

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