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Imprisoned in Vietnam

Imprisoned in Vietnam

In 2011, Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was charged with undermining national solidarity. He had taken a stand against the ban on preaching in the Central Highlands.

They put him in solitary confinement in stocks. They assaulted him and beat him when he prayed. They put shards of glass in his food and publicly humiliated him. His wife was not allowed to see him and his health rapidly declined. 

He said prayer sustained him through much suffering and pain. He said he saw the experience as "God's gift to me".  Six years later in 2017 he was released and now lives in the United States. 

A brave pastor in Vietnam

Who suffered in prison and chains

Under persecution stayed calm

He endured intense beatings and pain

They attempted to drive him insane

The decline of his health was swift

He knew he had eternity to gain

He believed suffering was God's gift 

Heavenly strength in his heart would lift 

He overcame all the poor conditions 

From his strong faith he would not drift

He held fast to his true position 

We are inspired by this pastor 

Wholly devoted to his master 

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