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Nose in One

On 11/28/22 in Mississippi two men got into an argument about a golf game. This led to one of them biting off the other man's nose. The man fled in his Tesla but was later arrested. No one knows where the nose went. 

Some guy in Mississippi bit off a nose 

I guess in Mississippi that's how it goes

They say follow your nose it always knows

Unless it is bitten off by one of your bros

This insane golfer let out his fury

Then he got into his Tesla in quite a hurry

Now he has to stand before a jury

Because he bit off a nose prematurely

It could have been a game I suppose

A fun game of "I've got your nose"

But now that golfer has some woes

He's left with a face without a nose

They could not find that nose when it fell

That poor victim lost his sense of smell

Maybe it fell down into a well 

Every golfer around heard that yell

Maybe that crazy man threw it in the gutter

Or maybe he whacked it with his putter 

Probably wasn't raised right by his mother 

I hope that man without a nose will recover


I'm horrible at golf you better be believin

And if golf is on TV I would rather be sleepin

But if I played golf in golf season 

I wouldn't bite off a nose for any reason 

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