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Plant Based Hot Dogs

It should be my discipline to eat more healthy

But I may just wait until 2023

I know it would be good for me to go on jogs

It may be good to start eating plant based hot dogs

Why would someone ruin a perfectly good thing?

But I'm sure there's some health benefits that it brings

Honestly I don't get this plant based mania

Are they serving us burgers made of hydrangeas?

I know Burger King has a burger made from plants

But because it's Burger King I don't take a chance

The last time I ate there I did not feel so good

Just a whopper of stomach rumbles I withstood

"Healthy" plant based hot dogs with "healthy" plant based fillers

Yeah that does not make me want to be a griller

Packed full of plant cellulose in every plant bite

After that plant meal I form some plant cellulite

I heard you should only consume two hot dogs a year

But to that golden rule I did not really adhere

I'll pass on purchasing plant dogs from the grocer

I just don't think these plant based dogs are kosher

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