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Please Pass the Butter

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Please pass the butter From a sanitized udder With Lysol sprayed With gloves made

It must be organic Or I just might panic Can someone please prove If someone washed the cow's hooves?

Hit the brakes Land O Lakes About your cows please tell Do they bathe in troughs of Purell?

And when they bathe in those troughs Do they cover their mouths when they cough? Land O Lakes Land O Lakes I'm starting now to get the shakes

I gotta ask about your drivers I really want to be a survivor When they deliver your bu bu butter Sorry I don't mean to stu stu stutter

I'm not trying to be a complainer But do they sanitize every container? Do they wear a mask here and there? Do they wear a mask everywhere?

Now please don't ban me like Dr. Seuss Trying not to stress, trying to stay loose Look and listen, I just need to learn Do you add sanitizer into your churn?

One last question in my butter rant Please with an answer will you grant If we don't cover the butter our cat will lick I know it's gross. I know it's sick

But will my cat be safe if he takes a lick? I just want him to live and not die quick I will continue to mutter about the butter It MUST come from a sanitized udder

Ok I'm finally done and ready to post Just please pass the butter for my toast!

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