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Taiwan Vacation on Hold

Nancy Pelosi left DC and was gone

And I heard she's now visiting Taiwan

I really doubt if she flew on Eva Air

But I know the salon where she does her hair

Maybe she wanted some authentic beef noodles

And well maybe that beef is made from poodles

I would like to go try the sticky fried rice

But going there right now I will think twice

I guess she received some civilian award

But I don't think she was led there by the Lord

You see sometimes Pelosi can be the rudest

So maybe she's now trying to become a Buddhist

China doesn't seem to like Pelosi there

So I've decided against buying a timeshare

While Nancy is there enjoying her stay

I think I will choose to avoid Taipei

Listen Nancy I won't lecture and I won't preach

But please don't tear up their president's speech

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