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The Ark on a New Cart

(2 Samuel 6)

On the road Israel did start

The ark of God on a new cart

A cart shiny, impressive and new

It brought the ark into full view

This new cart created by a "genius"

It brought ease and convenience

No more requiring sacrifice

A journey easier did entice

The priests no longer carried the load

A seeker-friendly ark down the road

Now the ark look contemporary

Like a new remodeled sanctuary

A gospel of convenience, a gospel of ease

A gospel of staying off of our knees

Churches can spend much on their sound

And on their building and the lighting around

But now the focus is more on the cart

Yet it cannot change a single heart

The church is left with a dim luminescence

We've traded the cart for God's presence

The ark of His Presence must again be found

Or just take the empty cart and shut it down

May there be a hunger for Jesus in our heart

Or else all we have is a shiny new cart

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