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The Chronicles of San Francisco

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Let us open up the San Fran scrolls To the Bay City let's take a stroll Here in the land of the democrat mule You will see how the homeless rule Tent cities and scattered stool

Let's try to pick up the pieces And yet not try to pick up the feces In the shadow of all the steeples Lies poop and a bunch of needles And the homes of many illegals

Yes this may not be Connecticut But can people have some etiquette? Once it was said hugs not drugs But now it is said drugs not hugs Drugs not hugs I have to shrug

When you arrive bring pepper spray To the city called Baghdad by the Bay And as you head out to a ridge To see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge Know Frisco's gone cuckoo just a smidge

If you happen to be frisked in Frisco It would be in a tent city not at a disco In a village with no showers With a smell that overpowers Not with a scent of flowers

Welcome to Frisco of the modern day Those who live there shouldn't stay Look is that Winnie the Pooh? Nope sorry not the correct view Actually what I saw was Winnie Poo

Now I roll up my San Fran scrolls And I haven't even told the whole I think San Fran missed its calling What is seen now is so appalling From the heights this city has fallen

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