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The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger

There's a true story of a small honey badger taking on six adult lions. The honey badger has strength, ferocity and toughness. It is fearless and will even hunt black mambas. May we also be fearless like the honey badger and stand our ground. 

My daughter Katelyn drew the picture here. 

He's ugly

He's tiny

He just doesn't look right

But he will take on a lion

In any old fight 

He's fearless

He's tenacious

With every small breath 

But he will take on black mambas

And fight to the death

He surprises

He frightens 

Has more strength than you know

Digs tunnels in minutes 

He's always on the go

There's meaning 

There's lessons

All of us can learn

We must be like the badger

Fearless at any turn 

We need boldness

We need toughness

Though we can seem small

Though we are outnumbered

May we answer the call

We see lions 

We see foes

With malicious attacks 

But there's other honey badgers

Who will have your backs

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