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The Judging of Judges

The judging of Judges

May we attempt to learn

The judging of Judges

This truth may we not spurn 

The repeat of repentance

Happened again and again

A judging judge would die

Then the people would sin

God would send a prophet

The people needed a nudge 

When the people cried out 

There came a new judging judge 

The people would do right 

But this lifestyle was short

They had no walk of their own

On spiritual life support 

The judging judge would leave

Before the next would be sent

And in the book of Judges

God sent His judgement

Some will say do not judge

Or you will then be judged 

But with righteous judgement

This truth has been unplugged

In our modern world today 

May we look back at Judges

We need a hard word again 

We need more than nudges

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