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The Road to Cornelius

Acts 10:4 "Your prayers and your alms have come up for a memorial before God."

Let me try to explain with my pen

A story told in Acts chapter 10

A story about Cornelius

A story that shows God still sees us

An angel appeared in a vision

God took notice of his decision

The angel said God has heard your prayer

And has seen your gifts to the poor you share

Cornelius had been a generous man

God included him in his divine plan

God hears our prayers among the living

But He also sees when we are giving

In being generous we can resist

We can be stingy and tighten our fists

It's not about giving to just one church

For the Spirit's leading you have to search

Generosity in secret is best

When we step out we will be blessed

No need to announce when we give and fast

Or declare it with a trumpet blast

Generosity now seems to be lost

Many live for self and don't count the cost

God does not stand over us with a rod

But know you can never out give God

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