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Titanic Nation

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

A ship deemed unsinkable Yet carried out the unthinkable God can't sink this ship? Voiced before the fateful trip

Today people stressed and panicked America, the modern day Titanic Our nation begins to take on water The bow begins to shake and totter

Yet America moves along The band plays the song Nearer my God to thee Nearer now to the sea

The iceberg leaves a gaping hole Damage now takes its toll Lights begin flickering As politicians keep bickering

We are losing our speed Warnings we did not heed No nations close by Will help us not die

Not being sunk by enemy fire Being destroyed by media liars Roaring engines now quitting America, in two is splitting

Nations view from a distance Unable to offer us assistance Moving slower and slower Sinking lower and lower

Can God sink this ship? Will He interrupt our trip? Is this ship unsinkable? Will we see the unthinkable?

Hear and answer the lifeboat call! Our pride goes before our fall Can't go back, we've hit the ice In our arrogance we will pay the price

So many on this ship are blameable Only a few lifeboat seats available Hurry to a lifeboat today There save yourself and pray

This Titanic, from God has strayed Time to pray like we have never prayed That's our only true hope I say In the coming challenging day

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