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To Fire him, To Fire him not

To fire him, to fire him not

That is the question

More tummy trouble for him

Now more indigestion

Forgot to set alarm

Then car broke down again

Excuses over and over

For him a win win

Should we place bets?

Will he show up tomorrow?

And will he need money

For his rent to borrow?

Excuses keep coming

Excuses get larger

Now he has no phone

He forgot his phone charger

Look he's only 19

Maybe it's just a phase

Maybe we should coddle him

Maybe give him a raise

Oh no he can't come in

His step mom has the car

I can see with our company

He is going to go far

He needs to figure this out

He needs to get a hint

Or he's being sent to Michigan

He will be sent to Flint

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