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When Samson Became a Nation

Turn with me in those ancient pages To a story throughout the ages And in that inspired book Lies a story we can't overlook

A few words about Samson I will give A story our nation seems to relive Around Samson corrupt governments But Samson with God had a covenant

Enemies fought but did not prevail Samson through God's power did avail Attacks against him were repeated Through God's power he was not defeated

But over time he compromised Downward trend not realized In that time of political strife Samson lived a double life

Over time he was no longer devout And Samson's eyes were plucked out Forgetting God was his poor decision Costing Samson his divine vision

Where did losing his vision begin? It began when Samson gave into sin America, like Samson, has lost her vision Forsaking God, our Samson decision

Samson, Samson where is your strength? Have you forgotten your hair and it's length? Samson nation have you cut your hair? Has your strength vanished unaware?

The warning signs couldn't be any plainer Lost his hair and became an entertainer America resembles Samson in this hour Forgetting the source of our power

America will be humbled to her knees We will find God in hardship, not in ease But Samson looked up at the very end He was humbled and his heart did bend

We can't control the future and beyond But still to a Samson nation God will respond So grab the pillars and begin to pray And God will remember our country today

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