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When the Golden Corral Becomes the OK Corral

(On 1/28/22 a massive brawl took place at a Golden Corral in Bensalem, PA. Apparently, the fight was over someone cutting in line to get steak.)

I saw on the news outside of Philly

A Golden Corral where it got kind of silly

A massive brawl happened over there

Some customers started throwing their chairs

Then I saw a few people throw a punch

While others were trying to enjoy their lunch

It got started because of some impatient diners

They didn't care that around them were minors

What do I not get? What did I miss? This isn't Morton's, this isn't Ruth Chris

It really is just a below average steak

But it does come with salad, wings and cake

Is the Golden Corral steak worth fighting for?

Is this grilled steak worth an all out war?

People turned mole hills into a mountain

Can't they just enjoy their chocolate fountain?

If I had been stuck in that battle field

I would have grabbed my tray and used it as a shield

For a weapon I guess I would grab a fork

And at their eyes throw some BBQ pork

Then I would get out quickly with a head of steam

With a tray in one hand and in the other my ice cream

At a buffet that advertises "kids eat free"

But during that day kids needed to flee

What is up with people becoming feral?

Next time I suggest go to Cracker Barrel

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