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White Privilege Emoji

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

This poem was written in response to the NPR article on 2/9/22 about "white privilege emojis". Professor Gad Saad thanked NPR saying, "Thank you for tackling the horrifying racism implicit in emojis."

The castle of wokeism has been built Now we have emojis that bring white guilt

If I use the emoji of a yellow thumb I guess I should feel shame and would look dumb

What about the emoji with a white mask? Should that be changed, should we ask?

Then there's this emoji of a clown If I use it will others look down?

There's also the emoji of a white unicorn Should I not use it? Now I'm torn

I found a white privilege swan they missed They better add that one to their list

Better remove the white volleyball And the white flag that offends them all

Oh no I just found a white karate suit And a white baby bottle someone thought was cute

A white sheep and a white mouse A white bear and a white house

White squares so much whitely All this whitely I can't take lightly

They may remove ice cream and white cakes But believe me you'll still see a bunch of snowflakes

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