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You Can't Land on the Clouds

Those clouds white and puffy

They look so soft and fluffy

And if you jump from up high

And soar fast through the sky

Soaring faster toward a town

Those clouds won't slow you down

An appearance of land

But less stable than sand

On impact you won't bounce

They cannot hold one ounce

Illusion of stability

Yet void of reality

But I hear voices out loud

Saying we can land on clouds

They will spend until they can't

Then they blame others in their rant

They turn races against each other

Shunning love for our brother

It doesn't matter how thick clouds are

They cannot hold us near or far

Our leaders aim for the clouds

But yet disaster they've allowed

Refusing to obey their own rules

Professing to be wise they became fools

Landing gear retracted and the flaps set

Wheels to clouds have almost met

Fantasies embraced by some

We know this obvious outcome

Politicians attempt it and hope for the best

Where even an eagle can't make its nest

See America try to land on the clouds Fantasy as truth has been allowed

Flying through the white mist

In our deception we persist

No matter the belief of the crowds You still can't land on the clouds

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